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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rebuild Yourself

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This is one of the quotes that inspired "Reinventing Elizabeth", along with the Untold Story one.
Falling apart SUCKS!!!! 
 Especially when I was feeling so good about who I was and what I was accomplishing. 
I thought I had a great life. 
I thought I had it all. 
But I guess our plan isn't always His plan. 
I've had a hard time accepting that.
But I can at least see that once I'm completely broken, and the pieces are shattered everywhere, it doesn't really make any sense to put myself together the exact same way. 
 It's a chance to fix the things that weren't working and be better. 
So really, I AM TRYING to see this as an opportunity. 
 It is so so very hard, when there is so much pain and hurting clouding my heart. 
But I guess trying is all I can do for now and it is better than nothing.

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