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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Downton Abbey

My husband and I have finally joined the Downton Abbey craze.  I'm actually quite surprised it took me this long, seeing how much I love Pride and Prejudice!  But I always seem to be a little late with new fads.  I don't think I started reading Harry Potter until the seventh book was written! I think it's my reluctance to join in just because everyone else is doing it!  But that's a story for another time.
Anyway, we just watched an episode of Downton Abbey where a visiting soldier slept with one of the house maids and got her pregnant and won't take responsibility for his child.  The maid begged the owners of the home to help her convince him to help, but what did they say? That SHE was in the wrong. "Men will always be men, but for any young woman to let her judgment so desert her...." 
I know that's sad, but isn't it so true?  I think most of us would expect a married man to have an affair more than a married woman.  I don't know if it's because there's a tendency to think that men just can't help themselves/have no control or they don't THINK about things as much as women or because most have more opportunities (being away from home with jobs, etc). Or maybe it's a mix of all of it.
Marriage and motherhood can be frustrating at times and it can feel good to have someone to talk to about it.  As married women, as LDS married women, we UNDERSTAND each other.  We want to be there for each other...sharing recipes, books, advice, etc.   We don't sneak around with each other's husbands. Seriously. That is just wrong.
HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME???  We were friends for THREE years.  Of course I have other friends that I have had for 14+ years that I am much closer to, but they don't live nearby, so of course, I made friends with other ladies in the neighborhood.  I have 3 kids, and she has 3, and so we carpooled, babysat each other's kids, had girls night outs, celebrated birthdays, had family gatherings together, went on couple dates, and our families even went camping together!  Our kids liked to play with each other and our husbands even liked to hang out together.  It seemed like we couldn't find better friends!

But then one day, she decided it was OK to sneak around with my husband behind my back!! What the heck?!   She was in our Relief Society Presidency at the time for crying out loud!  (for those that don't know, in the LDS church, it is the leadership over the women and she has since been released)
So what I want to know, is what frame of mind does a married woman have to be in to BETRAY her friend and seduce her husband behind her back??!  I mean, this has to be a very flaky, unstable kind of woman, don't you think?

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