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Friday, April 5, 2013

Double Stuff Oreos

I can't really title every 'Thankful Thursday' post as Thankful Thursday, so I decided to always make the title what the first thing is on my list.  (oh, and I know it's Friday, but my Thursday post got interrupted by other news: Can Someone Explain This To Me?)
(There was a long pause here.  For some reason it's really hard for me to sit and think about this)
1.  Double Stuff Oreos - I just bought some today and they are oh so heavenly dipped in milk
2.  Books - I really do love to read...even though I have had a hard time focusing on reading as much as I used to
3. My kids' brains - They seriously make my life as a mom so easy...they are so stinking smart!
4.  My camera - It's amazing how much you can fall in love with a photograph and I love that I have a nice camera to capture special moments
5.  Music - you'll probably find that I'll talk a lot about music and lyrics.  Music really speaks to me in ways that nothing else can. 
This is random, but Speaking of music...what are your favorite Pandora stations?
My number one is GLEE ( I love how it brings in a lot of broadway), but I also like the Mumford and Sons station or Taylor Swift.
Just curious

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