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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We can still do things

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I finally watched this movie.
Thanks to those that recommended it!
I liked it!
At the end of the movie, this was said:
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I like this because I relate to it.
I didn't choose to be in the situation I'm in.
Sure, I could have done some things better,
but I didn't choose for my husband to have an affair.
And I didn't choose for that person to be someone I go to church with.
But it is what it is.
I can choose where I go from here.
It might not be what other people think I should choose
Or it might not even be the best choice for myself
But it is me that does the choosing.
And I CAN still do things.
For a while there I felt like my life was over
That I wanted to crawl in a hole and die
And I didn't want to DO anything!
Only just to feel sorry for myself and where my life has ended up.
I still have days like that
I can still DO things
And I can try to feel okay about them.
I can work on my yard and garden so that I can sit out there and enjoy spring and summer before it is gone again!
I can organize my house and get things done that I've always wanted to
I can plan fun things to do with my kids
I can spend more time with family
I can have my hobbies and enjoy them
I can make goals for the future
But while I CAN do things, there is plenty that I just CAN'T do
I can't go to the parks I know they met at
I can't get back on facebook
I can't involve myself in activities where she might be also
I can't be happy in this ward until she is gone
Yes, there are plenty of can'ts
But there IS comfort in knowing that I can still do things
And I can try really hard to feel okay about them.
So that I can feel some happiness again.

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