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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gardening as Therapy?

beautiful yard, goregous yard, beautiful garden, dream yard

No, that's not my yard.
I wish!
It's my dream to have a lush and green yard
But we have a newer house and started the yard from scratch
So it's a lot of hard work and not to mention EXPENSIVE
But we were excited to get our yard started when we moved in
And I have spent a lot of time out there over the last few years
When the affair happened, I thought I would never work out there again
Since that's what I was doing the morning I found out about the affair
And I felt so stupid that the affair was going on and I didn't even know it
And there I was in lala land working on my yard, trying to get it to look nice to have people over
All the while my husband was sneaking around with one of my good friends from the ward
I was disgusted
With him, with my friend, with myself
And I couldn't get myself to go out back the rest of the summer and the fall
Especially when I can see HER house when I'm out there.
I wanted to keep all the blinds closed and not even look out there
And I did. For a long time.
It was a huge trigger for me
It sucked.  It still sucks.
But somehow I got motivated to get out there and work
Spring came and we've had some BEAUTIFUL weather
And I got the itch to start weeding my flower beds and plant my garden
They say gardening is therapeutic.
Maybe that's true
Scientists say that it reduces stress and calms the nerves
Read about it HERE

I talked my husband into buying more trees and shrubs for our backyard
And I planted them in strategic places to try and block the view of HER house
Lucky for me, our next door neighbors also planted some trees that will help
It might take 5-8 years to really help, but it's a start
Now I am the nerd that sits out on her patio and admires her work  LOL
I can really tell I'm getting old when I get excited about TREES!
On the nice evenings I like to sit out there
in a spot where HER house is mostly blocked from view
And enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it
Although I still will glance over at HER house and cringe
Every. Time. I'm. Out. There.
I just say a little prayer that they will move
And that my trees will grow FAST

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