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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Almost took her cookies....

One year ago today was the day that SHE and my husband ended their affair.  Of course, I didn't know anything about that until 4 days later.  And it ended because HER husband found some of their texts.  And so they knew it had to end.  As far as I knew, my husband went to work that day.  It was a Monday.  And he did.  But he drove all the way back, close to home, around lunchtime to meet with HER to say goodbye.  Apparently they felt they needed to do that in person.  SHE moved in for a goodbye kiss (which totally pisses me off.  You were ending it for F-ing sakes! She just couldn't help herself).  And off they went.  They still communicated throughout the day, staying updated on what HER husband knew, etc. 
Meanwhile, in my own little bubble,  I was also communicating with HER because she was supposed to come to our house that night for short meeting, as we were planning for an event coming up.  WHAT????!!!!!!! So there she was....just kissed my husband and proclaimed her love and sadness for ending their affair hours earlier....and she shows up on my door step for this meeting.  Smiling, laughing, and chatting with me and the other ladies that were there in my family room.  My husband even walked in for a bit to say hello.  This whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach.  How could they be so insensitive??  How could they be so stupid!?  They must have just needed to see each other one last time.  Because that WAS the last time they saw each other.  Hope it was worth the trauma I now have of the memories of that night.  
The next day, SHE sent an email out, canceling the event that we had just had a meeting for and everyone was shocked! It was happening so soon and so something big must have happened for her to feel like she had to cancel!  I was feeling so bad! I couldn't stop talking about it to my husband, that I was going to make her cookies and take them over.  Or that I was sure it might be that her husband had an affair and I felt so bad for her!! I couldn't stop thinking about it or talking about it.  Little did I know, it got canceled because her husband found everything out that night after the meeting.  And little did I know it was HER that had an affair.  With MY husband!!!!!!!!!!???????????????   WHAT?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
To this day, it is just so hard for me to understand WHY??!!!!  Why did this happen?  HOW???!!!! How could my husband hurt me this way? How could my good friend of 3 years do this to me???!!!!  She was in the relief society presidency for crying out loud!!!! They are supposed to look after the other women in the ward!! Not sneak around with their husbands!!!!
Anyway, of course my worrying for her went on for days until finally I think it just added to my husband's guilt.  I can still see his face when I told him I thought her husband had an affair.  A face that I can't really describe, but that is engrained in my memory.  I don't know for sure that he would have ever told me about the affair if the end hadn't unraveled in this way, but I think the guilt was too much and he couldn't keep it in.  As much as I wish I never knew about any of this, I'm SO glad he stopped me before I took her the damn cookies.

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