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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AWESOME Valentine's Gift Idea

Warning: More sexy talk....
Hey, it IS Valentines day coming up!
This is a great Valentine's Day Gift Idea, or anniversary gift idea
Let me introduce you to a
Boudoir Session



A lot of people don't know what this is.
It's basically a photo session of you in lingerie.
But it can be as clean and tasteful as you want it to be.
I know, I's hard to want to do something like this when you're not feeling skinny.  And these pictures don't really help...I'm sorry.  But honestly...your husband is going to have his eyes pop out that you did this for him. 
You can get lingerie that helps cover the parts you are the most insecure about, and if you have a good photographer, she can get shoot the angles that work best for you and highlight your best features.  I like the idea of the outfit with the see through can be sexy to see a bra underneath, but the sweater can help hide your love handles. 
You'll need some red lipstick (Be bold!)
Well, bring a few different lipsticks
Glamour yourself up like you're going out on a fancy date.
And indulge in a few new pieces for the bedroom. (Husband's favorite color?)
Some high heels might be fun
Even a sexy dress up/Halloween costume (does your husband have a fantasy? sexy nurse? haha)
Depending how comfortable you are, you might want to show a little more skin.  Maybe shirt off, but covering your chest with your arms.  Hey, this IS your husband after all.  He's seen you naked!
Maybe it will motivate you to get healthy and exercise and when you drop a few pounds, go for it!
But even if you don't, seriously, just get what works for you
What will make you the sexiest is not how much you weigh, but how much you have confidence in yourself.  As much as you don't want to believe it, your husband THINKS YOU'RE SEXY no matter what!  So Rock That Body!!  Bring out your inner sex goddess!! I know it's in there somewhere!
All I want to say, is think about it. 
I know my body is just going to go downhill from here, so I'm so glad I did it.
Not just for my husband, but for me too!  

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