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Monday, February 3, 2014

Gossip Girl, Soulmates & Protecting Your Relationship

 I have finished yet another television series on Netflix!  Honestly, I started this one out of pure boredom...I needed a new show to watch as I did chores around the house and I couldn't really find one that stood out to me.  I am a HUGE 'judge a book by it's cover' person, even though I know it's wrong...I can't help it!  I always REFUSED to watch Gossip Girl because it looked so, well, for a lack of a better word...slutty.  I kept thinking there have GOT to be other shows out there like Parenthood (all time favorite), but I searched and searched and can never find anything! If you have any favorites, please comment! haha
ANYWAY, Gossip Girl always DID catch my eye because I knew Blake Lively from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and LOVE that movie.
AND I knew Leighton Meester from Country Strong...

SOOOOOOO, I gave in.  I tried the first episode.  I think I rolled my eyes because it was exactly how I expected it to be.  BUT, I let myself watch a few episodes and of course, it hooked me in...I wanted to see what happens with these characters.  
Would I recommend it? Eh, I don't was interesting...but seriously just like a soap opera, but glammed up.  haha Seriously, all of the main characters had dated and/or slept with everyone in the main group at one time or another, but of course they were all still friends in the end. ;)  A little ridiculous if you ask me, but oh well...I watched it...all 6 seasons! 

It did, however, reinforce something I always knew. 
The importance of protecting your relationship.
I'm not sure I believe in soul mates.
I don't think that there is ONLY one person that can make you happy
or that there is ONLY one person you click with completely
I believe
that if you spend enough time with a person,
that you can grow to love them.
Just as many people will say that their love for their spouse GROWS with every passing day.
Look at arranged marriages...yes, not every one of them ends up perfectly happy,
BUT, there are so many that DO!
They perhaps start more as a friendship
but as they spend so much time together and learn more about each other,
 it gives them the opportunity to connect emotionally,
which often times leads to LOVE.
Look at how many times we hear about actors or actresses that get divorced and end up with someone they worked with in a movie!
Is it because they finally found the person they were MEANT to be with?!
NO! I don't think so AT ALL.
I think it's because they spent hundreds of hours working intimately with this person
and love grew out of that friendship.
What I'm trying to say is
 BE CAREFUL of friendships of the opposite sex.
I'm not going to say that you can't be "friends" with a member of the opposite sex
But I AM going to say I don't believe that it is a very SAFE place.
I have watched my husband over the years be very friendly with everyone he meets
He is a good friend
He is easy to talk to
He enjoys good conversation with other people.
But many times when he has let himself talk to another woman more than he should,
it gets out of hand. 
Without him meaning it to.
But that's just it. 
We are human
We are going to make mistakes
BUT that doesn't mean we can't take appropriate measures to help assure we don't keep making the same ones, right? 
Boundaries are OK. 
It is so important to safeguard our relationship.
Anything can happen.
I'm telling you people, ANYTHING can happen.
And it can happen completely out of the blue.
Just be careful.
That's all I wanted to say.


BAN Exeter UK said...

Amen, Sister! :-D

Mara x

luckynukiper said...

Have you tried tastekid? If you put in your favourite shows/movies/music it will give you a list of other things that you might like.