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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Am Wounded

As you already know, I watch a lot of Netflix shows as I carry out my household duties.  The latest show I just finished is Private Practice, a spin off of Grey's Anatomy, which I have also finished.  And can I just much as I liked Grey's Anatomy...I really liked Private Practice.  Almost every episode made me tear up.  Very touching stories!

 Although, like any TV show, of course many of the situations were quite unrealistic...for of the doctors got pregnant and then one of her patients cut her open and stole her baby.  For doctors, they sure were in the hospital a lot for EACH OTHER, whether heart attacks, accidents, etc...but that's TV for you. 
But there was one particular thing said...
by Addison Montgomery (Kate Walch) said and I had to write it down:
"Nobody beat me. 
Nobody tried to steal my baby. 
Nobody stabbed me. 
But I am wounded. 
My heart is broken. 
And I shouldn't even complain about it because nothing HAPPENED to me. 
Not like what happens to other people. 
You know, sometimes I'm almost jealous of them...
cause everybody can SEE their injuries,
So they have a right to be messed up."
She said EXACTLY what I have been feeling the last couple years!
Being broken emotionally just doesn't seem the same
as being broken physically.
It almost feels stupid to complain about what I went through.
And I know it's not stupid
But it just feels that way
And no one is going to know what I've gone through unless I tell them
And I'm just not going to tell them
Because as I've said before,
we are trying to get better and work through this
and that will be harder when all our baggage is out in the open.
I will say that I have had someone to talk to about it though.
I truly believe you NEED someone else, other than your spouse, to talk to
The whole world doesn't need to know...
But you can and should have at least one other person
that you can tell EVERYTHING to.
I believe it's essential to your healing,
because there were days I feel like I wouldn't have made it through without that person.
So if you are going through something,
PLEASE find someone you can lean on.
You are welcome to email me anytime as well!
I started this blog for a reason....
to help people like me.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your closing went through! I have a question for you, do you still feel the pain of your husband's infidelity? I'm approaching the 1st anniversary of everything, and I know it's going to be hard, very hard, but I am trying my hardest to be Christlike and not punish him any more than he's punishing himself. But I just want to stop thinking about it in every single quiet moment.